Here is the list of resources that are currently available for our members. We are doing our best to extend this list and to update the existing materials. Please note that after clicking on a resource name, you will be directed the the Warwick SU website, where you will have to log in. Also please note that these resources may be outdated as module content may have changed.

Year: Module: Author(s):
First Year: IB 104: Mathematical Programming I Daniel Wilson-Nunn
MA106: Linear Algebra Keegan Kang
MA131: Analysis II Kai Yuan Kuan and Vincent Tan
MA138: Sets and Numbers (MA132 to Maths Students) Adwaye Rambojun
ST115: Introduction to Probability Iain Carson
Second Year: MA244: Analysis III Keegan Kang (Updated by Iain Carson)
ST202: Stochastic Processes  James Forster
ST208: Mathematical Methods Keegan Kang
ST213: Mathematics of Random Events Keegan Kang (Updated by Iain Carson)
ST218: Mathematical Statistics Part A Iain Carson
Third Year: ST318: Probability Theory Keegan Kang (Updated by Iain Carson)
Fourth Year: ST406/ST333: Applied Stochastic Processes Keegan Kang (Updated by Iain Carson)
ST404: Applied Statistical Modelling Keegan Kang
ST411:  Dynamic Stochastic Control Keegan Kang
Other: LaTeX Guide Iain Carson

Warwick Mathematics and Probability Challenge (08/02/2020):

The maths based questions are currently unavailable, but please find below the questions and solutions for the other rounds.

Round 1 questions and solutions (by Dr. Zorana Lazic)

Shuttle round questions (by Dr. Panayiota Constantinou)

Shuttle round solutions (by Dr. Panayiota Constantinou)