Elections, Minor Website Updates and R Course (Update 4)

Elections: Openings for the positions “First Year Representative” and “Graphics Designer” have re-opened. I strongly encourage you all to apply to these positions if they appeal to you and further to vote for the representatives when the polls open. The link to this is here.

Over the past few days I have received some recommendations to improve our website and have updated some of them accordingly:

Events Tab: All events on the website will be stored under one tab (i.e. both past and upcoming events) to keep our website compact and improve accessibility.

Past Event Pictures: The slideshows containing images from past events have been increased to improve visibility and quality of pictures taken. These can be found under the Events tab and in their respective events.

More information: Hovering over pictures no longer expand the image. I have removed this to improve the appearance of the website page.

R Course: The notes for past tutorials held by Marco will be uploaded gradually over the coming weeks.

Recommendations are welcome, so please do not hesitate to query or provide constructive criticism.