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Events 2019/20

Deep Learning On Social Media Data – 21/11/2019

Dr. Scott Hale discussed pioneering new algorithmic tools to infer information from multilingual social media data. Social media is one of the biggest data sources of our generation and the way in which data can be collected accurately from it is a rapidly expanding area in data science. Dr. Hale showed how joint consideration of text and image data from social media profiles can lead to more accurate estimations of age, gender, and organization-status of users than text or image data alone. The multimodal deep neural architecture created operates in 32 languages and substantially outperforms current state of the art while also reducing algorithmic bias. 

This talk was accessible to people from a non-statistical or mathematical background.

Dr. Scott A. Hale is a Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, Director of Research at Meedan, and a Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute. His cross-disciplinary research develops and applies new computational science techniques to social science questions and puts the results into practice with industry and policy partners. He is particularly interested in multilingual natural language processing, machine learning, agenda setting, and antisocial behaviour (e.g., hate speech) and has a strong track record in building tools and teaching programmes that enable wider access new methods and forms of data.

The link to the slideshow from the presentation is here