Xanana’s, Revision Guide and Hoodie Distributions, Elections, Bug Fix and Farewell! (Update 10)

Final Event: We would like to thank those who attended the final event for this year’s rotation of executives. We hope you all had a great meal and wish you all the best for the future.

Revision Guide and Hoodie Distribution: The MORSE Society carried out our annual revision guide distribution for students at Zeeman Building and provided a twist this year! This year we decided to distribution for free over 50 MORSE Hoodies to students who collected revision guides with a first come first served basis.

Elections: The final results for next year’s executive team can be found here. The MORSE Society would like to thank all who participated, voted and campaigned for this year. We would also like to show our commiserations to those who were not voted for their respective roles and encourage you to try next year. This has been one of the most active elections the MORSE society has had in it’s history!

Bug Fix: A bug was fixed where the “MyEconomics” section would not show on the Useful Links and Warwick Business School Link did not link to the correct site.

And Finally… I would to thank everyone for their support for the MORSE Society this year. Nothing would have been possible without you guys!